External Venetian Blind

Total or partial light exclusion | Stylish appearance

External Venetian Blind

Effective outdoor blind, the principle of operation of which is the same as that of the Venetian blind. Its wide, powder-coated slats can be rotated to any position to block out or allow sunlight to pass through, also ensuring the ingress of fresh air. It reduces external noises and provides a view from the inside through the gaps between the slats.

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Steel wire

The movement of the external venetian blind is carried out by a plastic-coated steel wire with a diameter of 4 mm.

Guide rail

Movement is facilitated by a rigid guide rail, and the soft plastic inserts in it reduce noise during movement and wind blowing. The rail solution is more expensive, but the blind is more massive and does not move even with strong winds.



With a swivel-joint arm passing through the wall/window


When located in a single plane, side by side, the blinds can move up to three blinds with the intervention of clutches on a single motor.

Form of the slats

Rimless C-slat

It is made of flexible aluminum, so it cannot bend, but it is light

Rimmed C-slat

It is stiffer than its rimless version, but it takes up more space when pulled up


They enable the complete exclusion of sunlight - when completely lowered, the slats cling to each other


Identical in properties to the ‘S’ form, but with a more robust structure

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In new buildings, it is possible to take place of the external venetian blind in advance, sinking it into the plane of the facade. In the case of finished buildings, it is attached to the frame of the doors and windows or facade, equipped with a powder-coated protective covering. This covers the uplifted slat bundle. 

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