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Válassza a Hanák Árnyékolás redőnyeit, és élvezze a hosszan tartó sötétítés, hőszigetelés és a nyugalom minden előnyét lakásában! Legyen szó kézi vagy motoros működtetésű redőnyről, mi megbízható és tartós megoldást kínálunk minden igényre. 


Elsősorban Budapesten és környékén, valamint Komárom-Esztergom megyében számíthat ránk.

Doesn't it also bother you if your blinds break down too soon?

According to our experience, 6 out of 10 blinds fail prematurely because they were installed by non-professionals.

Find out what the most typical mistakes are.


It wears out quickly

 Most people drill through the window with a 10-12 mm diameter drill and then install a simple internal outlet. The main problem with this is that it will certainly rub against the window without rolling it, so it will wear out sooner than it should.

And the solution.. Plug outlet! We only use this for manual-belt blinds, because the lifetime of the belt will be much longer. Paired part, the essence of which is to install a plastic guide element on the outside, and a massive roller on the inside that keeps the belt in the right direction.


Low quality parts

Many parts are available in several versions, as many people produce shutter parts these days. We hate low-quality products that don't last more than 2-3 years.

Over the years, we have experienced which parts are of the highest quality, so we only use them.


Improper installation

There are several possibilities for mistakes during installation. The main ones:

  • Drilling through the window in the wrong place (most typical)
  • Incorrect cable fixing for motorized blinds
  • Using brushes that are too thick in the runners
  • Incorrect wiring of automatic shutter retractor
  • Attaching a motorized shutter to the tube with incompatible parts
  • In the case of plastic shutters, installing the top screw in the wrong place, causes the runners to break

And we could continue…

We could continue the list for a long time, because we have encountered a lot of amazing, sometimes blood-curdling things during our careers.

We are not perfect either, but we strive to be better every day.

Our limitation is that we are a small company, so our capacities are quickly filled.

At Hanák Árnyékolás, we have been installing shutters for more than 35 years, so we do not make any of the above mistakes.

Beszéljenek helyettünk ügyfeleink

The most important advantages of our shutters

Darkening to your liking

Roller blinds are one of the most compact shading devices, allowing you to create dark, light or dim shade as you wish

Cooler indoor

Thanks to their thermal insulation effect, they can significantly reduce indoor temperatures

Protection against discretion

Distracting glances excluded

Warmer apartment in winter

Lower heating bills with our well-insulated roller shutters

More silent home

With our roller shutters, your home will be quieter, so you can relax more

Mosquito net design

With our roller shutters combined with mosquito nets you can exclude mosquitoes, flies and other insects

What features should we specify when ordering?

Blinds can be grouped in four ways. When buying blinds, you must determine these 4 parameters. Let's see what they are.




In this case, we move the shader up and down manually with the help of a strap or cord passing through the window.


The shutter is moved by a tubular motor mounted in the shaft. You can read more about automation options by clicking HERE.


Shutter box and color

External case

The most common type is when the shutter is wound up in the case in front of the window. Its advantage is that it can be installed after window installation, but the shutter case covers the upper part of the window.

Plasterable case

The most elegant type of all. The case is installed when insulating the house, thereby plastering its entire front surface. The shutter case is not visible. At the bottom, a powder-coated cover plate closes the case, through which the repair of the shutter can be carried out.

Built-on case

It is possible to install when replacing the window. Even before installation, we install the plastic shutter case on top of the window. Then, together with the shutter, the installation of the window is carried out. Its advantage is that it is more aesthetically pleasing than the outer case, as well as easier to maintain.


Slat material and color


The most common type is when the shutter is wound up in the case in front of the window. Its advantage is that it can be installed after window installation, but the shutter case covers the upper part of the window.


It has a better thermal insulation effect than plastic since the inside of the slats is filled not with air, but with polyurethane insulation. Another advantage is that it also has a higher service life, as well as the availability of a wide range of colors. Due to their heavier weight, large shutters are more difficult to move by hand power, but here it is already possible to operate by the motor.


Nowadays, are less widespread, mainly due to their high price, as well as their large weight. Despite their expense, they are extremely durable and aesthetically pleasing. Its material is usually pine, but on demand, it can be made of other wood suitable for roller shutters



In the case of external, plasterable and built-on cases, it is possible to install a roller flyscreen in the roller shutter. It is built into the case and can be moved up and down with the help of a spring.

Meglévő redőnye javítását is ránk bízhatja!

The roller shutter is one of the “hit products” of our company, so we have extensive experience in producing, installing and repairing it. Find out more about repairing by clicking HERE.


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