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Bioclimatic pergolas from a gross price of HUF 239,000/m2!

Pergola: Practicality and Elegance

A pergola is the most perfect solution if you want to relax on your terrace or in your garden. A stylish and modern shader with which you can maximize the time you spend at home and will surely be the envy of your neighbors.

With the available textile shades and sliding glass walls, it is possible to completely close the pergola, so you can enjoy your time in the garden/terrace in any weather. With fabric shades, you can also protect yourself from the low sun. 

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Why choose us?

Wide range of colors

You can request our pergolas painted in RAL colors

Durable design

Our robust structures are not only weatherproof, but also timeless

We have an idea for everything

Thanks to our 30+ years of experience we have already seen many things so we certainly can give You advice

Operation of a bioclimatic pergola

Sun protection

Sun protection

When the slats are closed, they offer complete protection against the sun's rays.

Pergola napvédelem és hűtés

Cooling + Sun protection

When rotated, the slats protect against the sun's rays, while also ensuring the free upward flow of warm air. This is the bioclimatic effect.

Rain protection

When the slats are closed, they protect against rain. The slat profiles also ensure the drainage of rain.

Our Bioclimatic pergolas

Basic pergola

Basic quality pergola, which is already unbeatable, is available at a gross price of HUF 239,000 per square meter! Its operation is motorized. 

Premium pergola

A pergola with a robust structure, which is available in a design of up to 40 m2.

Bioklimatikus pergola

Pergola structures

Szabadon álló bioklimatikus pergola

Free standing design

Design fixed to the wall

Without support legs, for existing structures

Slat types

Wave slat

A lightened roof structure can be built with wave-shaped lamellas. Due to the more economical use of materials, it is available at a more favorable price.

Line slat

The roof structure is stronger with flat slats.

Bioklimatikus pergola

The main features of our pergolas:


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