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Válasszon számítógéppel tervezett, tökéletesen illeszkedő napvitorlát, amely ellenáll az időjárás viszontagságainak! Az általunk telepített napvitorlák egyedi formában, a tér és az Ön igényeihez igazodva, ráadásul könnyen kezelhetők.

Egyedi igényeihez alakított ajánlatainkhoz vegye fel velünk a kapcsolatot! Elsősorban Budapesten és környékén, valamint Komárom-Esztergom megyében számíthat ránk.

Do you want the perfect sun sail?

Computer aided design

Our solar sails are designed using computer software in a unique way in Hungary. This way you will get the perfect solar sail and in the size that best suits the shading of the area.

The advantage of CAD design is that you will receive the sun sail that best suits the shading of the given area. All this at an affordable price.

Bármilyen formájú napvitorla

The shape of the sail can be an equilateral or right-angled triangle, square, rectangle, or even a special polygon. By assembling several solar sails, shading can be made more efficient, and by combining colors and shapes, it provides a unique look.

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Our Sun Shade Sails advantages

Computer aided design

Unique in Hungary, our sun sails are computer designed for a perfect fit

100% HDPE material

It is highly resistant to weather conditions


Its stiffness means it can withstand big windstorms


The fabric is not damaged by rain, so it can stay in place during a summer shower


It has a high UV tolerance, so in addition to providing excellent shading, it is also hard-wearing


A highly decorative shade, well suited to any garden or terrace

Megbízóink véleménye rólunk

Types of our sun shade sails

Fixed sun sail

The simple, cheap type, the essence of which is that the corners of the fabric are attached to fixed attachment points, which thus tightens. The sail is easy to remove and install.

Rolled sun sail

The fabric, like an awning, rolled on a steel tubular shaft and fixed on a wall, ceiling or rafter. The operation can be solved by a manual crank or motor. There are different types of this kind of shade sail to fit customer needs.

Motoric sun sail

Motoric sun shade sail is a complete system that is excellent for shading large terraces. It can be pulled in and out using a motor. The material wound on the tarpaulin cylinder always remains taut thanks to the spring tension.


Its load capacity is ensured by steel rings placed in corners and strap strips sewn into concave arches. Its corners can also be attached to the facades of buildings, rafters, beams, arbors, fence elements, or to wooden or metal pillars and brackets with tension elements

Examples for fixing

Dismantling, Storage

It can be removed with a simple, easy sequence of actions, after which it is necessary to fold dry textiles. The fastening of the support posts can also be dismantled, so they can also be stored in a protected place. In the case of a rolled sail, it is enough to wrap the fabric on the shaft, which can be protected from weather conditions by installing a protective cover.

About Sun Shade Sails in general

The shade sail was probably already known to our ancestors who led a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, just as it has been used long by people living in the desert today, who are forced to retreat into the shade of animal skins or textiles stretched with sticks from the scorching sun.

You can use it from spring to the end of autumn. The wind does not flutter or crease, but blows through the net-like textile, which thus always remains taut.

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