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Parasol types

Miami Parasol

A solid, wind-resistant parasol that is available in a 5×5 m square or a 5 m diameter circle, making it an excellent choice for restaurants. It is opened using a hand crank.

With roller base, marble stone weights or fixed concrete base.

San Franciso Parasol

A unique parasol that has a tilting parasol structure, making it extremely versatile for shading. It can be round, square or rectangular.

With rolling or fixed marble stone base. 

Phoenix Parasol

A classic restaurant parasol that allows tables to fit comfortably under it. 

With rolling or fixed marble stone base. 

Las Vegas Parasol

Its main advantage is the locking mechanism, which make it possible to be opened and closed in a few seconds. Maximum 4 m oldalhosszúságú négyzet vagy 5 m átmérőjű kör formában áll rendelkezésre. 

Available with a rolling base, marble stone weights or a fixed concrete base.


Honolulu Parasol

A light structured parasol, which is available in the form of a square with a side length of 4 m or a circle with a diameter of 4 m. 


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