Garage door

Security | Space saving| Thermal insulation

Roller Shutter style garage door

We make roller shutter structure garage door systems, which provide excellent thermal insulation, safe and space-saving. The rolled-up slat bundle takes up very little space, making it extremely practical.

Its long lifetime is guaranteed if you use it often.


The slats are made of aluminum and have a rollered surface painted in several layers with excellent resistance to environmental influences. Available in an extremely wide range of colors. When using a window slat, it does not completely exclude light from the garage.

Control options

Remote Control

Key Switch

Tilt Switch

NHK motor

Their operation always works with electric motor.

In the case of a so-called NHK motorized version, the shutter gate can be moved with a crank in the event of a power outage. Its long service life is guaranteed even with frequent use.

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