Roller Blind

Wide range of colors | Simple and easy installation

Roller Blind

One of the simplest shaders is the roller blind. The fabric attached to the tube what can be light-transmitting, heat-reflecting or providing complete darkness (blockout). It is available in a wide range of colors.

Traditional Roller Blind

The cheapest and most popular type. The textile is fixed on a tube, and an aluminum profile is in the bottom for weight. Its operation can be:

They can also be made in a stretched design, in which case a 1 mm diameter steel rope with a plastic coating guides the movement of the roller blinds from two sides.

Cased Roller Blind

A more demanding, expensive version, in which a curved, extruded aluminum protective case hides the rolled tube.

They can be moved:

Cased Guide Railed Roller Blind

In this type, no light can come on the sides, as the textile moves on two sides in aluminum guide rails. This is the most expensive version.

Its operating possibilities are the same as those of the cased roller blind. Maximum size 2.4 x 3.2 m.

Roller Blind for Attic Windows

A special cased roller blind designed for attic windows, which always remains in a tight state with the help of a spring. With the help of the guide rail, it can be stopped in any position.

Strip Roller Blind

The strip roller blind textile is made up of alternating translucent and light-blocking bands to give your home a unique look. From our wide range of colours, you’re sure to find the one that best harmonises with your home.

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