Easy installation | Made of wood or aluminium


Venetian blinds are one of the oldest widespread, relatively inexpensive interior blinds, can filter or block out sunlight with rotatable slats while easy to maintain and clean. They are tidy alternatives for your home, which you can choose with aluminum and wooden slats that suit your needs and taste 

Aluminium Venetian

The slats of the Venetian are available in an extremely wide range of colors. With aluminum slats, we offer a variety of finishes too that include matt, gloss, perforated, brushed, and pearl. Its installation can also be solved on the triangular, trapezoidal and vaulted windows. The base of the blind can be attached to the window so it will not blow out with the incoming airflow.

Timber Venetian

Our Timber Venetians provide a warm atmosphere to your room. They can be attached to the window frame or the wall and are stylish whether they are up or down. 

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