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Building tint

Basically, four types of tints are installed by us, but they can also be multi-functional, combining the properties of each type. After installing a tint, the window can be used in the same way as before, with the difference that it can no longer be cleaned with a sharp object.

Our company installs the highest quality films manufactured by the market leader.

Heat-blocking tint

They reflect 99% of harmful UV rays. If there is no air conditioning in the apartment, in summer the air can become suffocating. Heat-shielding tint is a solution to this problem, as it does not allow solar radiation to heat the interior.
It also helps reduce cooling costs by keeping the scorching sun’s rays out of the apartment. Thus, you have to spend less on air conditioning. CLICK here.

The effectiveness of heat protection foils

This diagram is worth highlighting from the study, which shows the energy consumption of a building for 1 year without foil, and then 1 year after foil installation. The energy saving is 8.5%, but this is more significant in a sunnier location


View blocking tint

It is a light-transmitting non-transparent film, which can also be a heat shield, combining the above properties. The basic one is the glass tint which does not take away from the light of the room but excludes prying eyes and filters out sunlight too.

Safety tint

In case of breakage, the film holds the windows’ glass shards together even though it has been broken into many pieces, so the glass is accident-proof. They are also effective against burglaries, windows are much more difficult to break through than ordinary glass. It does not provide 100% protection, but it makes things very difficult for burglars.

Decoration tint

It is available in a wide variety of patterns. They can also become view-blocking films with a stylish look addition. They can also be useful for bathroom and changing room windows. 

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