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The most popular motorized products are roller shutters and awnings. They can be moved automatically using a tubular motor built into their tube. Our company mostly uses the engines of Smart Home and Somfy. These are one of the best value and quality motors on the market, which are extremely popular in Hungary.

Control options

Tilt Switch

There are several versions of remote controls, you can access our remote control selection guide by CLICKING HERE The main point is to determine the channel number. In the case of several shaders, it is worth considering whether you want a remote control for each of them separately, or if you can operate several blinds with a multi-channel remote control.


E.g. for 5+1 channels: 5 channels for 5 different shaders + 1 channel, which operates all at once.

There is also the possibility of choosing a time-switching remote control. In this case, you can specify, for example, that every morning at 7 o’clock the engine pulls up the blinds/shutters.

Megbízóink mondták

Motor types

Normal motor

Premium motor

NHK motor


To connect it, a 3-wire protrusion is required on the upper edge of the window/wall area. In the absence of this, it is possible to connect the motor by routing the cable through the window with a plug connector. In the case of a motor with a switch, it is more difficult to connect it, because the cables must also be routed to the switch.

Operation from a smartphone

Smart home system

For smartphone operation, the smart house system must be connected to the internet access of the apartment. This can also be done via Wifi or cable. Next, the motors must be trained with the central unit and then download from the phone application(CONNECTOR).

All blinds can be moved together and separately, precisely controlled to the percentage. It is also possible to set a time program, which can even follow the sunrise and sunset.

Olvassa el cikkünkt az Okosház rendszer széleskörű felhasználásáról, by CLICKING HERE.


Wind sensor

For awnings and external venetian blinds, it is also worth installing a wind sensor. Its essence is that in case of high winds, the shader pulls up, thereby protecting itself. Very useful product, which makes it extremely popular.

Sunlight sensor

This structure must be glued to the window with the help of a suction cup. When the sun is shining, it lowers the shade to the height of the sensor. Pressing the UP button will go up the shader. It is recommended to use in the case of remote-controlled roller shutters, outdoor venetians, roller blinds, and in some cases of awnings.

Wind and rain sensor

Thanks to the solar energy supply, no wiring is required for its installation. It can be placed anywhere on the facade of the building.

Smartphone operation

without a central unit

If you only want to operate 1-2 blinds from a smartphone, it is not worth buying the Smart House system, as it corresponds to the price of about 2 motors. The solution is the smart relay, which can be connected to the circuit of switching motors.

This means that you have to use the smartphone program of the smart relay. It is only possible to connect it via Wifi. The unit has small in size, so it can be easily hidden in the wall.

The following products can be operated in motorized versions

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